The Woman Behind the Hair

The owner Tara Thompson is an educated leader in her profession whom decided to step out on faith as an entrepreneur. She takes pride pouring into the lives of other women. Eros’ means “LOVE” in Greek, which is the core values that the brand is based upon on. Eros’ also represent God, whom symbolizes “LOVE”.  Tara’s beautiful daughter “Kailand” is the face of the brand.

As a prestigious company within the hair industry, located in the beautiful city of Inglewood, Ca, Eros’ reputation precedes itself. It is not just another hair company. Tara has worked diligently to design every luxurious texture to maintain its integrity and SLAY the ultimate look desired.  Her goal is to transform the beauty of a woman inside and out.

“A Woman’s Beauty Lies In Her Hair”  I am blessed and humbled to be a servant with the creative ability to provide my Premium Collection to every woman that steps through my doors….

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